Axiom has partnered with Cisco Meraki to offer a simplified approach to computer networking for your business. Axiom can implement a fully managed computer network based on modern networking and security technologies. Whether you need a firewall, network switches, wireless access points, or any combination of these, we can deliver.

Implementing network as a service means that the network hardware, the implementation services needed to make it all work, and full IT support going forward are all part of a service plan. Leveraging Axiom’s network as a service will provide your business with the following benefits:

  • Lower fixed monthly costs
  • Fully licensed hardware including security subscriptions are all covered
  • Flexible use of network technology – upgrade your equipment at regular intervals
  • Fully monitored – Axiom will receive alerts based on various network conditions
  • Fully managed – Axiom will provide full support for the network including regular system updates and customizations
  • Advanced replacement – all network hardware is covered by a next business day replacement warranty

Call us today to discuss your networking needs and to find out if Axiom’s network as a service is the right fit for your business.

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