Axiom offers cutting edge and customized live Security Awareness Training. This service is directly aimed at the fastest growing cyber security threat we all face today; which is the many forms of malicious social engineering. This is usually delivered as a live group training for the entire company staff members with an informational and knowledge rich training presented in a fun format. We really aim to present this valuable material in a way that is fun and easy to follow but is also concise and direct:

  • Gain immediate knowledge when it comes to information phishing, password protection, and more

  • Deliver instant recognition skills to be vigilant with work email, online portal/file use, and other types of novel solicitations

  • Learn valuable long-term cyber awareness skills and policy recommendations when it comes to protecting information flows and financial transitions

The content, Q&A, and summary review can all be presented within one hour. These sessions can also be recorded and edited for later viewing with no additional charges.


In summary, this is a live and interactive look at the latest in business communication services. It’s really not a matter of “if” Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) is the next step in communications, but when to adopt and how to unify independent legacy services.

This demonstration focuses on the individual flexibility of VoIP technology and what having a true smart phone number can do for your overall business communications.

Throughout the session, users can get a hands on experience with a leading VOIP system and a great start on how VoIP can work effectively for them. The content and Q&A is designed to be presented within one hour.

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